About Curvalicious Fashion

I'm a single mum of two, I work full time and love to enjoy myself. When not working or playing mum, I love to go out with my friends, pubs, clubs, festivals etc. I love to shop... there's nothing better than feeling good about yourself and how you look.

I love taking an interest in all of the latest fashions (even if I can't get away with wearing half of them lol). I think being confident and feeling good about what you wear plays a big part in how you appear to others. If you don't feel good then it will come across to other people. I'm not exactly a slim girl myself but everyone always comments about how confident I appear and how good I look in what I wear, that's not me being big headed, that's just me knowing what I can and can't get away with wearing.

I am not writing this blog to promote an unhealthy way of life or to say it is OK to be overweight. Believe me if I could slim right down I would, but it is a lot harder than people who do not struggle with their weight could ever imagine. So until what I feel may be the impossible for me to happen, I still want to feel good when I leave the house. Therefore this is why I have been getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of fashion / lifestyle advice for curvier girls.... so I've taken it upon myself to provide it, I hope it helps ;-)



  1. Oh duck, bless your little heart. Is this a new site of yours hunny, I am pleased for you xxx CRAGGLES xxx

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