Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Shapeless Fashion?

Hey there my Curvalicious Beauties. Two posts in less than a week... I must be feeling ill ;)

I happened across a few articles on Melbourne Spring Fashion week today. Firstly I was thrilled to see that Plus-sized models had taken to the catwalk all in different shapes and sizes, different looks and full of confidence.

How refreshing to see such diversity celebrated within the fashion world and I applaud all those involved. But... and this is quite a big 'but'. After looking through various collections offered up to the plus size market, I can't help but see one common theme.... Shapelessness. 

Now, I am all for not wearing skimpy, tight fitting clothes with every lump and bump on show, but why just provide a glorified potato sack? Us curvier ladies NEED some sort of definition, some shape, something to show our best features and hide the things we'd rather ignore.

I know myself that I have not bought a new outfit for a while, mainly because I am  getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of choice out there. Don't get me wrong there are a hell of a lot of fabulous ranges out there, just nothing that I feel I could wear. I find that the majority of items have quite high / round necks, which as you busty ladies will know generally make you look a lot bigger than you actually are. The other 'on trend' items are generally shapeless chiffon tunics or dresses, which again are no good for anyone with curves. Unless something has some shape to it I feel like I look about 6 months pregnant. There is either no shape or it has a dropped waist. Instead of pulling you in at at your smallest part, its showing off your largest!

When will these designers learn that we don't all want to hide under a tent? We want to appreciate and make the most of what we're given in life. I don't know about you ladies, but my boobs are about the only decent feature I have.... and who wants to hide their best feature?? 

Have any of you had the same frustrations with shapeless offerings?

Can any of you advise of fabulously shapely outfits out there?

Take care
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  1. Omg I am right there with you! Totally agree!

  2. I hear you so much on this, letely I have noticed so much of this suff... I cannot even figure out how a plus size can look good on those, even if she hasn't so much bust... on the other hand I loved this http://www.yoursclothing.co.uk/p/animal_print_dress-(12333).aspx what do you think?

  3. Oooooooh I love this dress too. Been trying to order it but they've never got my size in lol x

  4. I just ordered it, I will let you know how it is... although I asked for a courier delivery (last time it took me 3 months to get something to Italy) so let's see if it works

  5. Have you managed to get yours yet? I've been trying and its constantly out of stock :( x

  6. I ordered it weeks back and it's supposed to reach me somehow, but although I love yours, I'm not sure i will order again from here because last time I waited thre months to get something, they refuse to ship through courier and I don't know why... When I will get it I will let you know :)