Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow is falling... all around me....

Well I've woken up this morning and a white blanket adorns my street. It looks like its here for the duration too... the snow is fabulous, if you haven't got to go anywhere.  Spending your time making snowmen, having snowballs fights and making snow angels. If like me you can't even stand in the snow much less walk, your footwear is an essential thought before leaving the house. 

Last year I lived in my UGG style boots (it didn't help that I was pregnant at the time too). Although these boots are absolutely useless in the snow, your feet end up soggy and cold and wet. The best option I find is to wear some fab, funky wellies and wellie socks to warm your tootsies.

Wedge Welly have an absolutely lush range of wider fitting wellies for us plus size ladies. They are fashion savvy  and practical all at the same time.... what more could a girl ask for!! They also have a little bit of a wedge to make you feel less frumpy plodding around in the snow!

 Hunter Lace Originals

These lace up Hunter wellies are another brilliantly stylish way of getting wellies for plus size winter fashion. You don't have to try and pull them up your legs and the laces give you a little more room. They are also bang on trend with this seasons military style.

Hunter also do a range of welly socks which, while they are a little pricier than any other socks look stunning teamed with a pair of funky wellies. I found this gorgeous pair on ASOS, they also hold numerous other varietys of these.

I have also found this wonderful site for socks... MySocks.co.uk who have a tremendous range of over the knee socks which also look great with wellies. (I myself can't wear a pair of wellies without them). They are as cheap as chips too... from only £4.95 per pair!

As you can see from this very cold and blustery picture of me paddling in the sea last Autumn, I like to wear the over the knee socks, rolled down over the wellies. Its a good way of keeping the warmth in ;-)

Along with these socks and wellies, you'll also need a some other winter warmer accessories.
 Dorothy Perkins and Evans both have wonderful range of winter accessories, including hats, scarves and gloves. So what are you waiting for?? Get warmed up!!!! 

Lots of love



  1. Good, pics and reviews hun x keep up the good work x Kirstie x

  2. the first pair of boots = MUST HAVE!!! i love them, they are soooo fab


  3. I know!! I tried wanted to get some for the festival etc last year, but they didn't have the wider fit range then... I'll definitely be having them for the next ones lol x

  4. Thanks so much for featuring us.

    Luv from Boot Camp xx


  5. No problem... feel free to send me a pair of the wider fit ones to try out lol ;-) xx