Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Plus Size in the UK - I've seen more curves on a square!

Since starting this blog I have been looking into numerous aspects of fashion for the 'plus sizes', one of which is the plus size model. The information I have found I feel to be quite disturbing.

Firstly the UK is sadly lagging way behind in the curvy fashion stakes. In the UK we struggle to find any decent stores (high street or online) in which we can get current 'on trend' fashions. There are the few obvious well advertised ones like Simply Be or Evans for example, but we end up paying well over and above the 'normal' sized person. In the states they have a ridiculous amount of places you can get really fabulous, great value clothing from and numerous sites giving advice to curvier women who love fashion and want to look great, Madison Plus being one of them.

Almost a quarter of women in the UK or around 6.2million now wear a size 18 or above, with the average dress size being a size 16. Therefore I think you will agree that it is preposterous that so called plus size model agencies etc class a size 12 as 'plus sized'. Now, I think that no one can argue the fact that this is both disgusting and irresponsible on behalf of both the model agencies and the fashion industry in general.

How can they justify telling young girls / women that they are plus sized if they are a size 12?? They wouldn't even have curves..... well not real ones anyway. It is ever likely that these young girls are running around with eating disorders trying to 'make it' in the fashion industry. Apparently, according to Models Connect as a plus size model you will advertise clothes, accessories and products for the larger woman. Therefore, it is necessary that you represent this look, so must be at least a UK size 12 to qualify. Ideally you will be a UK dress size 12, 14 or 16. Although, sizes 10 and 18/20 are also used, it is far less common..... also you must be 'toned' and your figure should be well balanced and you should not appear top or bottom heavy....... Come on guys!!! Seriously! Do your research, check you market!

There is also a 'plus size' beauty pageant run in the UK called Miss Curvy UK in which applicants have to be a size 12 or above to enter, I find this truly amazing. I understand that retailers / designers want their clothing to look appealing, however there are a hell of a lot of stunningly beautiful very curvy women out there, who could quite easily model their clothes and do a damned good job of selling them. I know that personally I would rather see what a garment looks like on a woman who is the same shape as me, than what it looks like on a size 12 model, even the thought of it is ridiculous.

The retailers and fashion industry on the whole in the UK needs to first of all accommodate to the majority market, which in this case is the 'plus size'. They also need to class the plus sizes appropriately, and lastly they need to use more curvier models without the perfect hourglass figures. We want to see REAL models, wearing REAL plus size 'on trend' clothes. Hopefully with enough blogging and pressure by us  normal 'plus size' women, things will change............... and lets hope its soon.

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  3. Hi Donna, I agree with you, but believe me, the situation in Italy is much much worse than UK. I often come there for shopping and shop online because here a plus size girl cannot wear anything. If you get into a shop as a plus size (and I mean 16 and above) they will look at you disgusted and say 'we don't have anything for you, you shouldn't shop here' or they can even tell you 'for you??? we only have this!' and show you a big horrible sack to cover yourself with. I don't ever go shopping unless it is shoes and accessories here. Italians are obsessed with appereance and if you are more than a 16 they don't even think you should want to look good. It's really a shame.

  4. I can't believe they treat people this way. No one should ever be treated or spoken to like that. No matter what size they are. They wouldn't get away with it if their discriminations were based on colour / creed. So they certainly shouldn't be able to get away with it for any other reason. It is a shame that a lot of people in this world still have tunnel vision x