Monday, 11 October 2010

Winter Warmers

I don’t know about you but I dread Winter and everything about it (apart from receiving lots of Xmas pressies that is). I hate the weather and I especially hate trying to find decent clothes to wear. I really struggle trying to find clothes in I feel good in, and not feel really frumpy. I see all my slimmer friends looking fabulous in their thick knit products and feel so very jealous that I couldn’t get away with wearing the same stuff.

Winter coats are also a huge issue for me, well coats from any season pose a problem really, but Winter coats especially. They are very thick and chunky, I suppose they have to be they’re Winter coats. This is no good for us curvier ladies as they tend to show and accentuate every lump and bump visible to the human eye…. Or even worse.. A camera!!

There are ways around the Winter fashion look though so do not despair it is not all doom and gloom. Military style is still pretty much on trend at the moment. Although try and steer clear of double breasted coats / jackets as this will probably emphasise everything you are trying to conceal. It doesn’t always work this way for everyone, but for most curvy women it does.

As an alternative to a coat, you could try a long line, flowing cardigan of some sort. Preferably with a waterfall style front, this design tends to make you look a lot slimmer than you are and is very flattering. This style is what I tend to choose a lot of the time as I don’t particularly feel comfortable in a coat. You can get these types of cardigans in all sorts or thicknesses so can be worn in the height of winter.

There are lots of thinner, more stylish knits on the market too so you don’t have to feel frumpy and ‘old’. Nice, thin soft knit patterned dresses or tunics are a fabulous investment for the Winter. Team them with leggings or jeggings, some fabulous boots, a long line cardigan, accessorise to the hills, and you’ll be on to a Winner!!

When picking accessories this season its all about the luxury materials, so no woollen gloves and scarves. Think leather, velvet, suede or lace gloves. Anything which makes a statement and makes you look and feel fabulous!!!

So check regularly for my choice picks this season on the featured items page :-)

Lots of love

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